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Professional web development services

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Proven Experience
Experience is everything when it comes to your project needs. You will have access to our team of seasoned workers on your side who have specialized and majored in every service that’s provided.

Trusted Network
We place our team in specialized areas so that you can get faster, quicker and more professional projects.

Unique Solutions
You tell us what you need and we will help you build a customized project that "fits the mold" that you give us.

Quality Assured
We believe quality is not just a word but an outcome. We make sure that each project is high quality and keep you updated so that you won’t have to worry about projects turning out bad.

Positive Word of Mouth
We might not be the "talk of the town" but we are the "talk of our clients" because we know how to tailor our services to our clients needs. The testimonials speak for themselves.

Encourage Strong Relationships
Unlike most of the other teams you'll find, we actually talk to you and have fast respond times. You won't have to go through a chain of command and wait days on end. Each client gets the attention they deserve.

Increase Effectiveness
We know what it takes to be successful online and we can show you how to integrate the many aspects of our services so that you can get more ROI on your end.

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Web Development with Site Build It (SBI)

Site Build It - SBI - Sitesell

Site Build It is just not a software promoted by a nerd on the internet... it was built with precision to ease the pressures on the webmaster so that he could concentrate on the technical part of it. Focusing on writing content than involving self into the intricacies of domain booking and web site hosting. Site build it helps build content filled web site without going through the hassles using other site building measures.

The features in "site build it" comprise of - (The foremost of all ... a thick manual comprising of unending pages ... I have got them bound into 9 volumes ... which always remain by my side while working with site build it. These volumes are the Bible of the Internet ... the follower of which shall never feel anything missing in Life ... it finally leads to a well-settled and enjoyable Life.)

A site build it manager

This unbelievable brainstorming tool helps to organize a set of keywords related to the theme of the web site. Once we have finalized the set of keywords ... they can be transferred to the master keyword list. And here starts another unique phenomenon contained in site build it brainstorming manager.

As we click on the brainstorm button we get to know the demand and supply for the keyword (demand is the number of times the keyword is queried on the search engines, whereas supply is the number of web pages existing on the Internet which contained that particular keyword). Apart from the demand and supply we also get to know the KEI (keyword effectiveness index) of that keyword ... which indirectly indicates whether it is feasible or not to make an effective web page for that particular keyword).

No need to register a domain seperately

SBI users no need to register a domain seperately and the cost of the domain is included in the cost of the site build it. The automatic annual renewal of your domain name is also included. We never have to worry about the renewal part.

No seperate web hosting need:

SBI is like a host company including like other features. The hosting (the server where your site resides) is included in the cost of the site build it. The sooner your text is ready ... it just needs to be cut and pasted into the blocks of the site build it online templates. The preview and there goes your final web page ready to be submitted to the search engines. I again emphasize on the fact that the web page should be designed considering that a Human Being is going to utilize the content of your pages but for your site to be listed in the search results of a search engine it needs to be optimized using the guidelines enumerated in the site build it!

Submitting web site to search engines

The wonderful feature built in "the site build" is that we do not need to submit our web site build with "site build it" to the search engines directly. This is automatically done by the site build it. And whenever there is a change of content in a web page it automatically tracks and resubmits the web pages to the search engines. Not only this... you get a complete log of the results of the search engines ... at what rank your page is listed in the search engines ... if you are not satisfied with the results you can re-edit the pages and submit them again to the World submitter ... an inbuilt feature in site build it!

What more could you expect of "site build it" that it even keeps a record of when the spiders of the various search engines visited your website and the date a particular page was included in the database of the search engine. This is an important feature as unless the web pages are spidered by the search engines... how many pages we build and optimize remain virtually idle... not available to the visitors on the Internet! It is equally important that we need to satisfy initially the search engines for them to spider our web site for inclusion in their data base and subsequently a visitor finds suitable content on our web site... the content one is badly looking for.

Reporting results keyword wise

One of the best features of "site build it" is that we are not required to separately Query various search engines for different keywords to know which pages of our web site are ranking better than the others. Site build it reports include keyword ranking report (tells how each page ranks for each keyword at each engine) and the unique keyword search report (which keywords find which pages at which engines, and how). Having known the results we can always re-edit our web pages and re-submit them for better listings on the search engines. All that gets done in no time with site build it inbuilt features.

Search engine HQ tool review

With this tools you can check your selected keyword status in various search engine used in your page. Also you can check how much visitor visits each specific page with keyword. Also auto generated monthly report available of visitors visited in your site

Publishing a newsletter (e-zine)

Publishing a Newsletter or an e-zine is the most important ingredient of any web site. The visitors coming to your site... the repeat visitors are hungry for new food... they desire getting updates of your website regularly. What is new on your website ... the latest additions to your glossary... the updating of the definitions... the new essays... and what's more ... if you are an affiliate marketer... you need the visitors to repeatedly come to your site for the latest tips and the wares.

I shall rue the day when I purchased a costly software from one of the most respected affiliate marketers of the Internet "Cory Rudl" ... Apart from paying a high cost ... the software does not work properly. The inbuilt feature in "site build it" takes care of the newsletter or the e-zine we desire to publish. Everything from A-Z is inbuilt. We need to fill in the data and the rest is taken care of by the "site sell software".

Getting subscriptions, automatic unsubscribe, importing subscriber lists, formatting the newsletter as a text or an HTML message... sending the newsletter with the push of a button... all gets done by using site build it MailOut manager. Not knowing even the basics is not a hurdle.

The best way to build an incredible opt-in mailing lists of devoted subscribers is sending out a newsletter... new content which adds authenticity to your web site. In ""site sell software"" you only need to write the content ... rest is taken care of by the MailOut manager.

And many build in features are available in SBI

In a nutshell

If you are looking forward to building a standalone web site that is different from the rest... something that is lovable by the search engines and equally by the visitors ... then "site build it" is for you.

You may be an artist, a writer, hobbyist or in any profession of your choosing ... you only need to produce the content ... rest all will be taken care of by the site build it. Only after building the web site when you check the data on the Alexa tool ... shall you realize the importance of site build it.

One more important aspect of "site build it" is... you supply the content and presell the content to the highly targeted traffic ... this shall not only generate a steady income for you by promoting related products which go along with your theme but shall also form a major source of internal satisfaction you shall have when hordes and hordes of people make a beeline for your website... its prime targeted content.

If generating money - income from your website is the only goal then also "site build it" is for you... if you desire to serve the community by providing appropriate content... site build it again provides you with an excellent opportunity for building a wonderful web site.

Building a truly professional web site in the best price the net can offer... a onetime price one needs to pay... this all in one tool is a phenomenon in itself. To believe you need to click here and see for yourself

The owners of "site sell software" say, "you build the content and we shall build a truly amazing web presence for you".

This is not the time to wait and watch. It's the time to take action rightly and quickly, if you really want to lead in this highly competitive world. Don't waste time in thinking, contact us now! We are just a click away.